Nan xà bông hít chân không

MSP: GS - 3013

265,000  250,000 

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Vacuum inhalation soap.

As a leading utility products of Korea, nanny soap vacuum inhalation for all the sisters in every home fitting anywhere. The house is made of ceramic tiles, stone and glass drilling on the wall is impossible or cause of unwanted dirt and damage. Therefore, the Korean vacuum breathing device offers a new solution that makes it convenient for the family to use. On glass or ceramic tiles. , anyone can easily install according to the instructions of the company.Nan vacuum high-tech vacuum cleaner manufactured in Korea, made from 204 stainless steel is electroplated. Beautiful time with soap. Vacuum snack soap products are installed in many places such as cooking stoves, bathrooms or public wash place, bhospital, school.


Vacuum inhalation soap
Vacuum inhalation soap

Vacuum vacuum nanoparticles are themselves distributed by Navado Vietnam Limited in the Vietnamese market. Unlike other types of hangers, the nanoparticles are super durable and are warranted by the company for a two-year warranty. Products are sold nationwide, convenient at any place.

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